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Dec 17, 2006 11:51 PM

Mexican Food Hell.

Pardon the language, but that is what my hunt has turned up when looking for a Decent Mexican Place. I have yet to find one, and honestly I don't think they exist in New England. I just moved from California and where I come from the Salsa is Spicy if you know what I mean...

So here's my dilemma:

Stale Chips from a Bag
Sweet Salsa (which for some reason I have been told is the spiciest salsa...)
Fake cheese (okay even for tex-mex, what is up with that???)

Just basically bad food all around.

I've had
El Torrero (post road): Too expensive, sweet salsa, fake cheese lettuceamole (that's right i said it and i'll let you figure out what this $4 sensation was pretending to be)- This place is the whole she-bang when it comes to crap.. I do not recommend it.

Baja's: I left before I even finished... I had to mix up salsa with their 50 flavors to create something edible... and where i come from if you are at a sit down place you are served your own salsa

Bulldog Burrito: I wasn't expecting anything out of it. I new it was one of those tex-mex burrito places but they used like the entirely wrong type of beans

La Casita: ( I actually worked there) totally tex-mex and not too bad for what it was... Best salsa i've had in this area. the chefs were from the same part of Cali as me and they know what spicy means.

Viva Zapatas: Great chips-Crap Salsa... I didn't even have the mexican there i just had a guac burger which i will have to admit is delicious.

Okay so now you see my problem... Somebody please shed some light on a decent place.... with real ingredients.

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  1. Guadalupe La Poblanita is now on Chapel Street near the Ferry St. Bridge in New Haven.
    It doesn't get any better than this in the N.H. area. Try the Gorditas and the Roast goat,
    they're my favs.

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    1. Tacqueria Mexico on Charles Street in Waltham, MA. As far as I can tell, completely authentic

      1. Don Jose's (Providence)is fairly authentic:

        Tio Mateo's (East Greenwich)is a pretty good version of Mexican street food (Taco's and Enchiladas), authentic sauces and Mexican soda:

        Others like Mexico Garibaldi, authentic menu. I found the food to be authentic but rather bland in my view:

        That's the only decent ones I can think of in the area, it is New England after all.

        1. I just wanted to give you sympathy. At least in VT I've found the salsa hot. I used to live in Chicago where you could throw a rock and hit 2-3 Mexican restaurants. Imagine my horror walking into a NJ supermarket not finding hot salsa and seeing extra mild salsa on the shelves. What the heck is extra mild salsa?

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          1. I've lived in VT almost 2 years and completely given up on trying to find good Mexican food; now I just make my own. There is a great Columbian place in Pittsfield called La Fogata, definitely not Mexican, but very good.