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Dec 17, 2006 11:39 PM

is the egg cookie lady still there

when i was a kid and went to chinatown there was a little kiosk off mott that had a line around the block.a woman made egg cookies to order from a batter. is that still there?

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  1. Not for the past 5+ years. She did manage to send her daughter to college though with the earnings from her business.

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      I miss Mrs. Han. I've often wondered whether she is in happy retirement. I hope so. She made so many people happy. :-)

    2. cool thanks, ialso remember the nytimes doing an article on her

      1. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing, but there is a guy on Grand and Bowery who pours batter into a hexagonal mold, heats it over a flame, and pops out a little over twenty oval, fluffy mini cakes. They're definitely egg-based, which is what made think that this might be what you're talking about. You get 20 for $1. There's also another vendor on Doyers and Bowery, but I don't know if that vendor is there as regularly as the guy on Grand.

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          yes this is what im refering to but it seems the lady that use to make them on mott is gone'

        2. there's usually a cart on Canal, too.

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            Just off the southwest corner of Canal and Mulberry.