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Dec 17, 2006 11:34 PM

conveyor belt or boat sushi?

Does this exist in NYC anywhere? Thanks in advance.

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  1. A while back, I went to a sushi restaurant in Teaneck, NJ- it had been run under a name I don't remember, but it was quite good and frequented by a significant number of Japanese diners. When I returned, it was taken over and is now called East- and they had the "train" style of sushi served at a large circular bar- you take what you want and pay according to the plate- like doing dim sum. Anyway, they appeared to be part of a chain, or affiliation of restaurants- not all called "East"- but they were part of a group that at the time- a couple of years ago- included a number of NYC places. Might try to contact them in NJ- 201-837-1260 and see if they are affiliated with any other places in NY that do that style. I remember it being popular in Nihonmachi- the Japantown of San Francisco.

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      I don't know for sure, but I don't think that the East in Teaneck is still affiliated with the Easts in Manhattan. My main reason for believing this is that the East in Teaneck is very good, while the ones I've been to in Manhattan are bad.

    2. there is one on like 27th and 3rd that has the conveyor belt. be warned: it's pretty bad sushi.

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        ya that sushi at East is garbage. absolute trash. there used to be one on west 3rd near thompson I think. typhoon or monsoon or something, not sure if that is still around.

      2. one on 45th bet 5th and sixth...sushi is OK

        1. Kaiten-sushi is rare in these parts. I've never understood why, either, as it's absolutely EVERYWHERE in London. Even the local branch of London fave Itsu is doing their sushi the old-fashioned way.

          The one on 45th (Raku, I think) isn't terrible. Never tried the one on 27th Street though.

          I suspect that part of the reason kaiten-sushi isn't taking off here is because "omakase" has taken on lots of status connotations (it's the new truffle), and it's hard to do omakase meals with a conveyor belt.