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Dec 17, 2006 11:28 PM

Vail Report - Long

I just got back from over a week in Vail and have a lot to report. First the good:

Larkspur -- Every course was great and the room was the nicest we saw. Terrific mushroom soup, roasted chicken with flavorful skin that stayed crispy to the last bite, and a smooth cappuccino pot de creme. The service was a little bit of a disappointment. Our waitress seemed to be training someone new and appeared to enjoy scolding her in the middle of the dining room.

Sapphire -- The entrees were the standout here. The rack of lamb was very nicely cooked although it could have been trimmed better. The prices were surprising since people told us that it was less expensive than Larkspur or Wildflower.

Alpenrose -- Desserts were the highlight.

Wildflower -- The best service of everywhere we ate and all of the food was pretty enjoyable.

Bart and Yeti's -- Tasty burgers.

In order from best to worst, we were less crazy about Vendetta's, Blu's, Pazzo's, Los Amigos and Flying Burrito. Los Amigos was actually shocking since several locals told us to go there "for great Mexican."

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Glad to hear Larkspur is still doing it right. I interpreted your comments about Sapphire's prices as meaning you thought they were high -- correct? Last month I posted about it and said that it once seemed to bill itself at the poor man's Sweet Basil, but that a look at the online menu belied that. Prices on that menu looked very high. My experience with Sapphire is that it is pretty good, but at those prices I'll take Larkspur, Wildflower and Sweet Basil any time.

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      Yes, we found Sapphire's prices to be a little high, but only because several locals had mentioned that it would be a bargain compared to Sweet Basil. I guess their info was out-of-date.

    2. good to hear about Larkspur--we will be eating there 1 week from today!