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Dec 17, 2006 11:12 PM

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

This is a short list of mine. Tell me about new places across the South. For pictures and reviews of the dogs on the list GOOGLE I am constantly looking for the best local dogs in the South. Big towns small towns, all over.

These are not in any order from best to worst, they are all excellent or they would not be listed.

1. Roast Grill
2. Texas Tavern
3. Varsity Atlanta/Athens
4. Nu-Way Macon
5. Writes Dairy-Rite
6. Dairy Center
7. Dairy King
8. Dairy Hart
9. Bowlings
10. Milt's

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  1. Hot Dog Heaven in Woodstock, Georgia.

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      1. re: steveindurham

        I have been to Zack's, and was not too impressed. Where in Wilson is Dick's? Is it near Parkers BBQ?

        1. re: Choppedonion

          If you're going to have a dog in Burltown, you gotta go to Boston's, which is around the corner from Zack's. The chili is less greasy and their burgers -- all the way with chili, onions mustard and slaw -- are exceptional. I make a point of driving an hour (from Raleigh) at least once a month. When my buddy from Florida -- Dr. S -- comes to town, we go. Indeed, he's driving 500 miles this New Year's for two combos and a bottle Pepsi.

      2. re: geonuc

        I have not been there yet, where is Woodstock?

        1. re: Choppedonion

          I'll second Hot Dog Heaven, for the name if nothing else. It's in the center of woodstock, ga. Go to Atlanta, North of the perimeter on I-75, take I-575 north, turn right off the Towne Lake Parkway exit. When you hit Main Street, it's near that intersection.

        2. re: geonuc

          I'm sorry but hotdog heaven was terrible...They were so inconciderate my wife and i went in there to get a bite with our child and they totally treated us like crap..never again

          1. re: geonuc

            The best hot dogs around here....Pulliam's Hot Dog Stand, in Winston Salem, NC. They have been doing it the same way for almost 100 years!!

          2. Dick Howell's Barbeque Pit in Florence, AL (I assume they are still open... perhaps some other Chowhounds from that area would know) and Brooks Barbecue in Muscle Shoals, AL serve my favorite Slaw Dogs in North West Alabama.

            The slaw, which my family refers to as "Dick Howell's Slaw", is a vinegar/mustard based hot slaw. The slaw is a family secret and has been made for years in this area.
            My understanding is that both restaurants are owned by some of Dick Howell's family. It's our tradition when visiting family in that area to grab a couple dozen of the dogs at Brooks for lunch and a bag of Golden Flake Potato Chips. The slaw is also served on BBQ sandwiches. Mmmmmm.. a craving just hit!

            In Fayetteville, TN, on the square, there is Bill's Pool Room (not sure if they are still open either) and Honey's. Both serve "Pool Room Slaw". The slaw is a very sweet mustard slaw that is served on both hot dogs and the famous pool room burgers. These hot dogs were a favorite of mine while attending school in the area.

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            1. re: kelomaki

              This is great! the more local the better. Thanks.

            2. discks in wilson is on Nash st..right accross from my house,,,nash is the main street

                1. re: Janet from Richmond

                  I went to chowan...their dogs are good and I used to love the red hot dogs @ the Red Apple...though these were usually consumed during the wee hours of the night after parties, etc :)

                2. Yum-Yum on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, NC (across the street from UNC-Greensboro campus). The homemade ice cream is a bonus!

                  PB's on Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem, NC.

                  The Trolley Stop in Wrightsville Beach, NC (and other locations).

                  Paul's Place, Rocky Point, NC (near Wilmington).

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                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    I second yum yum's. I went to uncg and discovered this gem while a student there. I hope it never closes. 2 dogs all the way. heaven on a bun

                    1. re: carolinadawg

                      Yum Yum's onions are usually chopped to a mush and are old so that the sulfur compunds in them become nasty. Sometimes their chili is off too. I have eaten there off and on for close to 40 years.
                      The Dog House in High Point NC is definitely better.

                      1. re: libertjack

                        You've eaten nasty hot dogs for 40 years? What's wrong with you dude.

                        Seriously, Yum Yum's is an acquired taste. However, I'm betting they sell more hotdogs than any of the top 10

                        1. re: carolinadawg

                          Yum-Yum has to be the best anywhere. I grew up in Greensboro and even remember when they were on the corner of Spring Garden and College. I live in Nashville, TN now and whenever I go back to Greensboro, I make it a habit of going to Yum-Yum for "three no slaw and a Cheerwine". My second lunch tradition would be Stamey's on the High Point Road.

                          1. re: carolinadawg

                            Yum-Yum on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, NC (across the street from UNC-Greensboro campus). The homemade ice cream is a bonus!