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Mushy Foods

I just had jaw surgery a few days ago, and have found myself feeling hungry and faint. So far, I've been eating jello, cream of wheat, congee, and some soup.
Does anyone have any ideas or easy recipes they could share to make the next 5 weeks more bareable?

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  1. When my brother had jaw surgery, he *lived* off of egg drop soup. I think it was just the right thickness to feel like he'd had a meal.

    But if what you mean is how to make your food more varied... I think almost anything can be mixed in with potatoes or made as an au gratin...

    are there specific things you really like or miss of which we could design "mushy versions" for you?

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      I was going to suggest mashed potatoes with a thick gravy, but you beat me to it with your potato recommendation.

      When you think "mushy mashed potatoes," think the Kentucky Fried Chicken variety; I don't think it gets mushier than that.

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        Good idea! I love egg drop soup, but usually with the chunks of chicken, peas and mushrooms... sigh!

        But I will try out mashed potatoes, probably with a thinner gravy to make it easier to eat.

        Nothing really to be designed, since I miss sandwiches, noodles, dumplings, chips, fresh veggies! Ahhh getting myself hungry... but I've been pretty much pureeing whatever I can get my hands on.

        1. Soft polenta, with melty cheese if you like. Scrambled or poached eggs.

          1. Smoothies
            Ice Cream

            1. Polenta?

              Think you cold manage something like potted meat - that's pretty mushy. I've seen recipes for ham spread.


              1. Pureed veggie soups, maybe with roasted veggies.

                Cheddar soup with beer.

                Mashed veggies, particularly less common ones like celery root, rutabaga, parsnip, heirloom carrots, e.g. Add roast garlic for more flavor.

                Mushy peas with mint.

                Curried spinach, with the spinach cooked until really mushy.

                Egg custard, or creme brulee without the brulee if you can't handle the crust.

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                  Creamed Spinach.

                  I'm out. Good luck!

                2. It's a little expensive, but just to be sure you're getting enough nutrition, you might want to drink some Ensure. It's quite filling and not half bad.

                  1. Pastina with butter and parmesan. Small enough to swallow without chewing.

                    1. Cheaper (and better tasting) than Ensure is the protein supplement stuff they sell at places like GNC. "Chow" it's not, but you can get nearly 30g of protein from a scoop mixed in a glass of milk. Don't forget vitamins...

                      Fruit "nectars" are more filling than juices and while they don't make you think you're eating fruit, it's something. Canned fruit is much softer than raw/fresh. There's always apple sauce, or baked apples, poached pears, etc. Cream soups give you calories and some extra protein; potato based soups/chowders are another option. I hate oatmeal under any circumstances, but it's a filling, nutritious option if you can stand it.

                      Having more experience with dental work than I care to think about, let me ask, is the problem one of biting down with force at all, or simply moving your jaw at all? (Ie, is eating eggs that much better than meat? Sometimes it's not...)

                      Hamburgers and meatloaf are relatively easy to chew in terms of amount of force needed; you can also use other ground meats. Chili, too, and pot-roasted and braised meats are also very soft, though obviously do require some actual chewing... Lasagna and other baked pasta dishes are pretty soft without actually being mushy... Lots of things to do with tofu, as well.

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                        Protein powder dumped in some ensure works too. The ensure masks the taste of the whey. It actually tastes pretty good and you get the protein and the vitamins. Protein dumped into cans of boost work as well but is sort of chalky.

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                          Thanks for all the suggestions!

                          My jaw is a little more complicated though... my face is pretty swollen, and I can't open my mouth very wide, so very liquidy foods is best (even though I end up getting half of it all over my face anyway). Also, my teeth in my mouth don't really touch, so pretty much any chewing isn't an option.
                          Another thing, which isn't a big deal, is that its pretty difficult for me to brush my teeth, so I'm trying to stay away from food that could easily get caught around there!

                          But thanks for the suggestions! I will definitley be try out a lot of them.

                        2. Fish is another "soft" option that doesn't require much realy chewing if you stick with things like flounder, scrod, and other lighter, less "meaty" fish..

                          1. Upma - an Indian food that is basically cream of wheat spiked with mustard seeds, chiles and maybe a few cooked vegetable pieces...here is a recipe I found online


                            1. roasted butternut or acorn squash, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and lightly drizzled with olive oil...

                                1. Soups in general. soupsong.com is a good resource.

                                  Fritata or scrambled eggs with stuff in them. You can mash it up pretty good with a fork so chewing is optional.

                                  soft cheeses-for example brie or roquefort. small pieces & let it melt in your mouth.

                                  refried beans. guacamole. and you can still put hot sauce on stuff.

                                  Miso soup. My local TJ's has individual serving packets.

                                  1. Condolences on a significant sounding surgery on the verge of eating season. Perhaps the results of mandatory dieting can be the bright side of your ordeal?

                                    Silky tofu can be made to go slushy enough not to require you to open wide or do anything like chewing, and shouldn't look nasty or your poor brushless teeth. Add things to the flavor like sweet juices or savory teriyaki sauce. It's good for you - get you the protien you'll need to heal. Good luck!

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                                      Thanks very much! I'm actually going to eat exactly that for dinner!

                                    2. If it won't add to your teeth brushing problem, mix spinach (defrost and squeeze water out of frozen chopped) in with the mashed potatoes. My mother used to give this to me when I was sick and I craved it when pregnant and still eat it at times. The spinach adds some much needed iron to a mushy diet. Of course, you can also add roasted garlic or cheese of any type for more protein.

                                      Also, what about polenta - the soft mushy variety and add parmesan?

                                      For dessert - since you deserve a treat - ice cream and/or cheesecake or ice cream with cheesecake.