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Dec 17, 2006 11:11 PM

Mushy Foods

I just had jaw surgery a few days ago, and have found myself feeling hungry and faint. So far, I've been eating jello, cream of wheat, congee, and some soup.
Does anyone have any ideas or easy recipes they could share to make the next 5 weeks more bareable?

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  1. When my brother had jaw surgery, he *lived* off of egg drop soup. I think it was just the right thickness to feel like he'd had a meal.

    But if what you mean is how to make your food more varied... I think almost anything can be mixed in with potatoes or made as an au gratin...

    are there specific things you really like or miss of which we could design "mushy versions" for you?

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    1. re: Adrienne

      I was going to suggest mashed potatoes with a thick gravy, but you beat me to it with your potato recommendation.

      When you think "mushy mashed potatoes," think the Kentucky Fried Chicken variety; I don't think it gets mushier than that.

      1. re: Adrienne

        Good idea! I love egg drop soup, but usually with the chunks of chicken, peas and mushrooms... sigh!

        But I will try out mashed potatoes, probably with a thinner gravy to make it easier to eat.

        Nothing really to be designed, since I miss sandwiches, noodles, dumplings, chips, fresh veggies! Ahhh getting myself hungry... but I've been pretty much pureeing whatever I can get my hands on.

        1. Soft polenta, with melty cheese if you like. Scrambled or poached eggs.

          1. Smoothies
            Ice Cream

            1. Polenta?

              Think you cold manage something like potted meat - that's pretty mushy. I've seen recipes for ham spread.