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Dec 17, 2006 10:57 PM

Food gifts for picky non foodie family members??

I usually bake or get cookies and other desserts as gifts and would like to expand my selection. My family likes their steaks well done, think blue cheese is nasty, and wouldn't even try sushi. I want to try some other food items but not offend them or get anything that they wont eat. Any suggestions? I'm also trying not to spend too much money. There are a lot of family members - 3 couples, 2 single moms plus about 10 kids to shop for. I skip over my generation and give the oldest and the youngest gifts. That's a lot of shopping!

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  1. What a great and well-described question! What a challenge! You've--with very few words--described a very, very small window of opportunity for anyone to answer. People might suggest gift-certificates to restaurants or food shops. Not fair.

    I can only think of one thing. If they like well-done steaks, they might appreciate some good smoked meats, fish, or even jerkies--and at great risk, maybe even dried African game meat.

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      Oh my - but I have to laugh at your response, Sam F. Snarky, yes - but it points out the need for more information.

      Jeez, if someone from my family sent me dried African game meat, I think I would fall over with joy that it's not another peach-colored knitted cozy for something.

      Okay - to the OP - I am a big believer in jams,jellies,pickles and whatnot (from your region, if your family live elsewhere.) If they live close, some homemade goods are always a good bet. Or spice rubs, with instructions for using - maybe good for the older set. For the kids? Go with sweet, unless you know that one has a different predilection.Stuff that doesn't need to be eaten up right away is always good (fridges are always too full this time of year).

    2. Are you looking for something besides cookies and desserts, or just different ones from what you've done?

      How about cocoa mix? You can make a big batch, then package it into smaller jars. Toss in some mini-marshmallows if you like. Tie a peppermint stick to each one with directions for the proportions to mix with water. (You could make mocha for the real adventurous kin ;-)

      Other mixes-in-jars like cookies or muffins.

      Quick breads...lots of things dipped in chocolate (like pretzels, oreos, dried apricots, etc)...spiced nuts...

      1. I was going to make chocolate pretzels. Would that be too weird for your group?

        1. my cousin baked breads...lemon poppy, chocolate banana, cinnamon, and carrot. she wrapped them nicely in tissue paper and put computer made labels on each bread. it was such a nice idea.

          also, my aunt made chocolate and mint fudge. another great treat !

          1. If you're trying to break away from deserts, what about making them jams? Even non-foodies eat jam and can appreciate the diff b/t store bought and homemade. Though might be tough to find fresh fruit, depending on what part of the country you live in.