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Dec 17, 2006 10:39 PM

HELP: Where do I buy Squid ink in San Francisco?

This is a rush request. I am having people over for dinner in a couple of hours and I realized that I need to serve a black risotto. This is a CULINARY EMERGANCY. They drink only red wine; I want seafood--orthodoxy aside the only way I can see my way through this one is if I find squid ink, and fast.

If you know, please post.

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  1. I think Lucca Ravioli on Valencia carries it. Unfortunately, Sunday at 4pm narrows the likelihood of find this one.

    1. A couple of years ago, I went on a quest for squid ink in order to cook up a batch of arroz negro. I live on the peninsula. I called all the likely suspects, and finally tracked down squid ink at the Draeger's in San Mateo (none of the other Draeger's carried it). The guy on the phone explained that he sold it frozen, in 1 pound blocks (we needed about 3 tbl).

      As my wife and drove up to San Mateo, we took bets on how much a pound of ink would cost. My wife guessed $10. I guessed $20--come on, there's nothing in the seafood section at Draeger's less than $20.

      When we got to Draeger's, we went to the seafood section and looked around for squid ink, but couldn't find it. I asked the guy at the counter, who nodded, ran into the back, and returned with a brick of frozen squid ink. It's forty bucks, he said. Forty bucks! When he saw our jaws drop, he backed off. Look guys, thirty is really the best I can do. So we bought it.

      For what it's worth, here's the label on the container:

      Produced by
      Azuma Foods International Inc
      Hayward, CA 94545

      Net WT: 1.1LBS (500G)

      Good luck.

      1. For future reference, Spanish Table sells 4-gram packets, two for $3.

        1. I saw it down at one of the Ferry Plaza stores: probably either the place that has a variety of stuff from all over (it would there be with the Italian pastas) or the fish market next door, in their refrigerator case.

          1. The Japanese grocery Nijiya Market on Post St has some. For the next time you make arroz negro.