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Dec 17, 2006 09:25 PM

what kind of pot do I use for brining?

I am about to brine for the first time (just duck legs.) can I use a regular metal pot or do I need some kind of fancy brining pot? Thanks!

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  1. You can use a gallon size zip lock bag.

    1. Make sure you use a non-reactive pot, and something that is large enough to let the liquid flow around your meat.

      For turkey, I used a new baby diaper pail, and labelled it "FOR FOOD USE ONLY."

      You should also turn the food over halfway through, just like with a marinade.

      Plain old duck legs, right? Not duck confit? I think confit shouldn't be brined, because it is already preserved with salt.

      1. I would suggest you dry brine duck legs. I've tried wet brining and it doesn't work as well. When I prepare duck legs for confit, I rub them with spices and herbs, including quite a bit of salt...put in ziplock and refrigerate for 2-3 days. Before cooking, rinse well in cold water. (Even soaking for a while is OK).