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Dec 17, 2006 08:55 PM

Family friendly near Lyndhurst?

Hi - Headed to Lyndhurst next weekend and trying to decide on a family friendly place for dinner. Does not have to be a "kids place" - our children are used to eating out and are typically well behaved - but a romantic bistro wouldn't be appropriate either. If they have highchairs, that's great. I've heard River City Grille described as family friendly - is that an apt description? What about Jack & Dyl's in Tarrytown? All ideas are appreciated!

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  1. In Tarrytown, you've got a couple of good choices:

    Jack & Dyl's is good, and good for families. Their beef short ribs are their signature dish.

    Lefteris Gyro on Main St. is very family oriented. Awesome greek food with kid-friendly options too. It gets packed on weekends, so get there early.

    Santa Fe is right near Lefteris down Main St. Very good Mexican.

    In Irvington (the other town next to Lynhurst), I'm only familiar with Sam's restaurant. Pretty popular with families too. (I'm sure they have high chairs!) American and Italian cuisine.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Sorry - Sam's Restaurant is in Dobbs Ferry - just down Rt. 9 -still a reasonable distance from Lyndhurst. Enjoy!

      1. Thanks - I've very familiar with Lefteris (both that one and the Kisco branch) - we get it alot so just trying to avoid it. I appreciate the tips on the others - I'll be checking them out!