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Dec 17, 2006 08:32 PM

Broguiere's Nog Sightings?

It's that time of year again. It's Broguiere's Eggnog Time again, that is. I'm spoiled, it's the only nog I'll drink, and it's just not Xmas-New Years without a bottle or three in the fridge. But every year, I have trouble scoring it. Haven't found a bottle yet. If you hacve seen B's nog somewhere this season, perhaps you could post that info here for all nog fans to benefit from.

I am in the Glendale area. The only place I've found in the last few years that carries it here is the Ralph's on north Central, at Stocker. Been there twice so far, and they're always sold out. Oddly, the other Ralph's in town don't carry it, and apparently heither does the Whole Foods on Glendale, even tho they carry other B's products. According to the blog below, there may be places in the Atwater-Los Feliz area. Any info is appreciated. The pic below has me salivating.

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  1. Gelson's usually carry it, there's one in Pasadena. I've also spotted it at Stater Brothers stores, if there's one that is more convienent than the Gelson's. I am slurping one as I write this, albiet adulterated with a fine medium bodied rum and a couple of grindings of fresh nutmeg. Cheers. It is the best, and the only one I spend the calories on.

    1. Bristol Farms carries it every year...very rich and delicious!

      1. Gelsons in Marina del Rey has it reliably every year, including this year. I'd bet that is true for all Gelsons stores. Wife loves it.

        1. I bought a jar at Von's in Pasadena on Allen.

          1. Go to their dairy in Montebello.

            Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy
            505 S Maple Ave.
            (323)726-0524, (323)726-2957 fax,

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            1. re: monku

              The first time I scored Brog's nog, based on Huell Houser's show segment, I made the long trip out to the dairy (about three years ago, IIRC). It was good to do that, once, but not again. I don't drive; I get around all over by bus, but besides a long trip to Montebello, it was a boring hour's hike each way from the nearest bus stop. I'll try my local Ralph's again, and if not there, try Gelson's in Pasadena.

              1. re: Andrew Gore

                Another benefit of going directly to the dairy is that it costs nearly half the price of going to Gelson's... $2.99 a bottle if I recall correctly. However I agree that the discount is definitely not worth the cost or effort of taking the bus to Montebello!

                Mr Taster