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Looking for (Soba) buckwheat noodles (Dallas)

I've looked at Whole Foods on Lomo Alto and Wal Mart market at Haskel and Central, no luck. If you've spotted them in person, I'd appreciate a heads up. I still have a few places I haven't visited: Central Market, World Market, etc.

I'd prefer 100% buckwheat but will consider a blend of flours.

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  1. I live in Houston and my neighborhood Krogers carries soba noodles.

    1. I've seen them at various Asian markets in the northern 'burbs. And I think I have also seen them in the "ethnic" sections of Krogers here.

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        I am certain you could find them at Nanami Japanese Market on Trinity Mills just west of the Tollway.

        Nanami Japanese Market
        17721 Dallas Pkwy Ste 104
        Dallas, TX 75287
        (972) 818-1488

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          Another place to try is Kazy's:

          Kazy's Gourmet Shop
          9256 Markville Dr
          Dallas, TX 75243
          (972) 235-4831

      2. Not sure if they carry them but there is an brand new awesome asian market in Carrollton on Joesey. Its really nice and very clean.

        1. Sounds like you are near downtown, the closest would probably be Kazy on 635 East of Greenville on the south side access road.

          The best place might be Hongkong market http://www.hkmkt.com/location.html. It will be half the price of Kazy and lots of other interesting stuff. If you are going to make the trip anyhow it's a great place to go.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions!

            1. Minoya in Plano (Independence and Parker). Some of their sale items are bargains. Most Chinese stores don't carry good quality soba or udon (which, you know, are Japanese).

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                Excellent recommendation, kuidaore. Stopped by Minoya today and found a number of things I had been looking for, for a while.

                They definitely have soba, even though it wasn't on my shopping list today.

              2. I didn't know that you could get 100% buckwheat soba. Noodles made of 100% buckwheat disintegrate during cooking. Higher quality noodles have a higher buckwheat content, but I dón't think any are 100%.

                Please correct me if I am mistaken.

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                  100% buckwheat soba is widely available in Japan, or at least producers claim so. They don't seem to use any chemical to keep the noodle together.

                2. I saw them at Central market on Greenville

                  1. I saw them at World Market at Lovers/Greenville this weekend.