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Dec 17, 2006 08:18 PM

Nopal del Este, Ave A

it's relatively new, located on A and 13th where there used to be a lovely italian place, I think. Has anyone been?

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  1. It's actually been there for well over a year now, which in Manhattan time makes it almost a veteran. Standard fare "Mexican", executed poorly...certainly nothing I would go out of your way for. I had the carnitas which were quite ininspiring. Looked like slices of pork loin, rather than braised shoulder. It was clearly cooked at too high a temperature for too short a time, resulting in something both tough and dry.

    1. Overall, nice atmosphere and a reasonably priced place. I went with a large group that included kids, so I had some very specific needs, and they were met. I must agree that it was very standard fare and not spicy even with their "hot sauce", although the guacamole was yummy and the servers were very nice. Seviche (mixed) was fresh and light. Cooked fish should be avoided. I wish they could pump up the excitement of the food a bit, because I'm fairly fed up with places like Mercadito, that don't really provide good value and squeeze you into very close quarters.

      1. Of no interest, unless you adore strolling mariachi players.

        1. I only went once; the food was average to not quite that. I am surprised they are still open; they are rarely even close to full.