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Dec 17, 2006 07:43 PM

blue smoke - what to avoid

i've been there a couple of times, had some really good things and also had some terrible things..just want to know what NOT to bother with on my next outing there. thanks!

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  1. I think bbq in general there is average and their mac and cheese is overrated. They are all about the sandwiches in my book.

    1. Avoid the fish. And Jem, what did you not like at blue smoke?

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      1. re: michlusa

        i vaguely remember not liking the mac and cheese, cheese fries and the coleslaw, thus the post to make sure i dont't revisit the bad dishes.
        i enjoyed the smoked chicken, the beef ribs and the beet salad. my husband likes the peel and eat shrimp.

        1. re: jem

          I don't recall enjoying their coleslaw either.

          Things we seem to order over and over are the wings, fry bread and BBQ chips and blue cheese dip.

          A little Fry Bread tip: Request a little jalapeƱo marmalade on the side. They used to serve it that way but switched to an herb butter at some point. If you ask they'll bring both. It's like a savory fried donut without the filling.

      2. I would avoid the pulled pork sandwich, vastly overrated - and costly for what you actually get. You're better off getting the Rhapsody in 'Cue, which lets you sample some of it, along with other much better BBQ items.