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Dec 17, 2006 07:32 PM

NYT Travel Section article re: Dim Sum in the Boroughs

Can anyone give their opinions on the dim sum restaurants profiled in this week's NYT Travel section? They are:

Sunset Park, Brooklyn:
Diamond on Eighth
New Seawide Seafood Restaurant

Flushing, Queens:
Gu-Shine Taiwanese Restaurant
Noodle House
Happy Noodle Beef House
Flushing Mall

Also Manhattan:
Golden Bridge
Mei Lal Wah Coffee Shop
Yuen Yuen Restaurant

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  1. I thought it strange that the significant dim sum emporiums like Gum Fung, Ocean Jewels, and Gala Manor in queens were omitted. I wonder why?

    1. I don't think any of those Flushing restaurants mentioned even serve the typical dim sum. Maybe they were confused what is considered to be "dim sum"? In Chinese, it actually means "snack", so maybe they were taking the literal translation?

      The Flushing Mall is good if you want to be able to try different Chinese cuisines. There is a Taiwanese stall that my mom is very fond of. You can get the oyster noodles. I prefer the knife cut noodles (dao xiao mian). They also have boba, shaved ice, fried dough (you tiao), scallion pancakes, shabu shabu, etc. It's a lot of variety. It reminds me of Taiwan's fantastic food courts.

      1. the article seemed like a not-too-intelligent touristic cruise of the neighborhoods - it really didint try to select good places, as far as I could see.

        For example the visit to Hong Kong Supermarket was that of a gawker not a food shopper. Yeah, there is a certain amount of exotic seeming, improbably stuff in the front of the store (notably the writer did not seem to actually sample any of it) but Im not sure he made it very far into the place.
        Still and all, he may have pointed a light at some interesting stuff - id be interested in hearing.

        1. I think the headline was misleading. The story does mention dim sum, but it never says it's supposed to be the focus of the piece.

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          1. re: squid kun

            The title is "Dim Sum, Borough by Borough"

            1. re: budcar

              That's what I'm saying. Whoever wrote that headline (and it's never the author of the story) misread the piece. And at least a couple other editors must have failed to catch the error, so that's how it ran.

          2. Damn sometimes I hate NyTimes. As if the lines aren't long its going to be even longer!