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Pizza Grupo-

Absolutly horrible. As of now the most overrated in the zagat which gies it a 26 rating for food. Something id expect in a pizzaria in Michigan or Upstate. Nearly as bad & also overrated-though not in Zagat guide- Brick oven piiza in Williamsburg. Everyone agree?

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  1. I absolutely disagree. Pizza Gruppo is fabulous, as long as you like thin-crust pizza. All the basic, as well as many interesting, topping choices to choose from. Was this your first visit? Maybe they were having an off night...however, I have only had great experiences there as a frequent customer the past 3 years.

    1. It's quite different from other NYC style thin-crust pizza. The crust is even thinner and in fact, it's a lot more like a cracker than it is like a Grimaldi's or Lombardi's style pizza crust.

      I didn't care for it at all ... yet clearly, plenty of other people do. I doubt YoungHood was there on an off-night, it may just be a matter of personal preference regarding the cracker-like crust.

      1. Their mushroom pizza is worth the trip to the EV. Four kinds of mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil I believe. Completely disagree with the original poster.

        1. I love the super-thin, almost-a-cracker crust. I agree with the other posters that if that's not what someone likes, they won't like this place. But I have to say that the last time I was there I got grilled eggplant on my pizza and it was disgusting--it bore no resemblance to eggplant, and it was nasty looking. I picked it all off of my pizza and left it on the plate. The server did not bother to inquire why (although, yes, I should have pointed out the disgustingness of the eggplant).

          1. Best pizzA delivered in the east village. tasty tasty tasty.

            1. It's been a while since I've had one, but I'm a big fan of thin crust/almost crispy pizza (like the make in Italy). So, disagreeing, I say Gruppo isn't exactly a wood-fired pizza like in Italy, but it's pretty good. I especially recommend the sausage. Mmh, the sausage.

              1. I've had pizzas at 2 other offshoots they have - Vezzo & Posto - midtown E & Murray Hill - liked both.

                1. Wow maybe i wnet on an off night but the problem wasnt the thinness of the crust which I, as a native new yorker with 7 years of professional pizzamaking in my past can greatly appreiate. The problems I had were with the supstandard sauce, cheese and ingredients, in this case bieng artichokes and sausage.

                  1. I tried one of their other locations on Lexington Avenue, Vezz - and I have to agree that this pizza is silly.

                    It was like a kid took a cracker, and tried to make a pizza in his easy bake oven. The toppings tasted very store bought, the cheese was like the cheapie stuff you get at Gristedes that doesn't really melt properly. The sauce was very sweet, and while I normally love sweet sauces, this was a bit too Ragu with Sweet and Low added. The sausage was more like they chopped up one of those pepperoni snacks you get at a 7-11. This would be gourmet if you were camping in the woods.

                    You're not alone YoungHood. I don't get it.

                    1. I liked their margherita, their meat lovers, their...oh man I don't remember one I DIDN'T like. I went to Posto Pizza two days later.