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Where should I send Mom & Dad?

looking for some advice from New Orleans hounds:

My father is taking my mother to New Orleans for her 60th birthday and I want to buy them a gift certificate for a nice dinner.

They have been to N.O. a number of times before and I know they have been to the Commanders Palace and K-Pauls. I am looking to send them someplace new. I would like to find a restaurant where they can get a meal they wouldn’t be able to get at home (so somewhere with a local menu would be great but nothing too touristy). It can be pretty expensive but not astronomical (maybe $100-$120 to cover the meal without drinks). They really like friendly service so nothing too pretentious. They are pretty adventurous eaters and don’t have any dietary restrictions.

think that covers it. oh yeah and I'd like to call ahead and pay for a nice bottle of wine so somewhere that had a good wine list would be a plus.

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  1. I had a great birthday meal at Cuvee. Not too boisterous, pretty space, really nice staff, and people who know say they have a great wine list. Bayona, Peristyle or Stella would also be good.

    If you want one of the old line New Orleans places, I'd go with Arnaud's. You can make reservations, unlike downstairs at Galatoire's.

      1. Ew -- I had bad service and mediocre food at Emeril's last spring. Galatoire's, however, was as good as it's always been. If you want cutting-edge cuisine, go elsewhere, but dining at Galatoire's today is the same experience I was fortunate enough to have 50 years ago with my parents. I love this place!

          1. brigsten's is amazing or possibly dick and Jenny's

            1. Thanks so much for the advice everyone (and I'm sure Mom & Dad will thank you too)! I am going to go with Brigtsen's as I think they're planning to hit some of the old line places on their own.

              Also what really settled it is Brigtsen's has pecan pie which they both have a soft spot for...

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                Good choice. If it's on the menu when you are there, someone needs to order the Roast Duck with Cornbread Dressing and Honey Pecan Gravy. Unbelievable! My wife does not order duck, but when New Orleans comes up now she rhapsodizes about this dish that I ordered when we were last there a couple of months ago.

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                  I don't recall the duck ever NOT being on the menu, and agree that it's a great choice.

                  Brigtsen's is the perfect choice for your parents. There are lots of other great possibilities, but you just can't go wrong with Brigtsen's. They take great care of all of their guests, but I would make sure that you mention the special occasion when you make the arrangements.

              2. I would send my mom and dad to Brennan's in the French Quarter, great service, super ambience and AMAZING food! They would love it and there are ALOT of course and choices and you CANNOT go wrong!

                1. Brightsen's is a great idea, the rabbit is an amazing dish as well. August is another perfect local ingrediant and special occasion place, especially if they are staying downtown.

                  1. I'd think about Upperline.
                    I love the food there and Joanne always makes us feel like we're old friends; as though it's always a special occasion!