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Dec 17, 2006 06:33 PM

Specific Recipe Requests (Appetizers)

I am looking for recipes on the following & would love if I could find them all from folks that made them & were successful.

Thanks so much!

Seafood Dip - Preferably warm & savory. To serve w/ something crunchy. No mussels or clams please.

Flank Steak - as an appetizer.

Deviled Eggs - more elegant than normal.

Baba ganoush - will do soft pita chips w/.

Any additional appetizers that you've made and turned out wonderfully are certainly welcomed.

Thanks again everyone.

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  1. I've made deviled eggs with quail eggs, adding a v. small amount of truffle oil to the yolk/mayonnaise, and then a shaving of black truffle on top.

    1. One of my faves that I guarantee will leave the plate is to make little crostini:

      slice and lightly toast a thin baguette and top with the following (I make 2 or 3 types and set them out):
      1) goat cheese with a dollop of tapenade and a slice of sundried tomato (the kind in oil so it's soft)
      2) make some maple walnuts (take a bunch of walnut halves, toss in maple syrup and put in the oven at 350. Toss every five min until they start to brown. Cool.). Take a slice of pear, top with a little blue cheese (bleu d'auvergne or cambazola or gorganzola are nice), and 2 walnut halves.
      3) bruschetta - chop fresh tomatoes, sweet onion, torn basil leaves, good EVOO and a little lemon juice or balsamic.

      Very easy to assemble & make a couple of hours ahead and all are really yummy.

      1. I made these deviled eggs and they were a big hit...went FAST
        (I subbed creme fraiche for the sour cream


        For seafood apps I like to do mini crab cakes topped with a bit of creme fraiche and lemon zest. Or a drop of remoulade is nice too.

        1. These aren't more elegant than regular deviled eggs but they were really popular: bacon and cheese deviled eggs. As someone said, adding bacon always helps.

          A little more elegant is adding smoked salmon and capers. I don't have a recipe, though, just added mayo, sour cream, capers, chopped smoked salmon, lemon juice, seasonings (whatever catches my eye) into a food processor and taste.

          Seafood dip...I think most people have seen some variation of this one (add tabasco sauce or jalapeno for spiciness):


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            The bacon sounds delicious - my husband always says that *anything* can be improved with bacon.

            1. re: MMRuth

              My husband would agree w/ yours! I gave him a bacon book for his last birthday. I made the bacon deviled eggs as a tongue in cheek concession to him but they were the hit of the party!

          2. How about a "Black and Bleu Crostini" for your flank steak?

            Slice baguette thinly, and toast. Rub with a clove of garlic.
            Rub steak with blackening seasoning (you can either buy or make your own, there are recipes out there...includes paprika, garlic salt, cayenne, thyme...). Marinate overnight. Grill steak medium-rare and slice very thinly. Top crostini with sliced steak and crumbled bleu cheese.

            For your seafood dip, my mom has made this hot crab dip a couple of times and it is divine. They aren't kidding when they call it the "Best Hot Crab Dip".