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Wilson, Culver City

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What to order????

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  1. The sloooow roasted pork!

    1. The pulled pork sandwich is excellent! Just about everything there is good, except, I must say, those scallops with the flavorless truffles.

      1. I just went to Wilson last friday and it was SO GOOD. Must recommend the charred octopus (amazingly tender), jidori chicken with cilantro pesto and wasabi mashed potatoes (so simple but really impressed - i ate it all). The salmon was pretty good but the creamed chard was the best part of that dish. My friend and I cleaned our plates.

        one thing though, their bread basket sucked.

        1. The slow roasted pork is FANTASTIC. The salads are good, but overpriced. The service is atrocious - slow, thoughtless, and haughty at the same time. Perhaps we went on a particularly bad night, but be forewarned.

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            The service there has been atrocious since week 1. I've been there a number of times, the last time a few weeks ago. Service is just as bad as ever.

          2. the fig and potatoe pasta. an original at piccolino but it's just as good and maybe better at wilson. everything we ordered at wilson was divine.

            1. i had the slow roasted pork, and it was fantastic! my friend's jidori chicken was great as well. salmon was just okay, but their vegetarian dish was great as well.

              try their cheese platter. it was great for the five of us... love the st. ager blue...