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Dec 17, 2006 05:46 PM

anyone know where to buy reindeer (and other game) meat? TO and golden horseshoe

party people in da house...

i am looking to make a scando stew with reindeer meat. anyone know where i can buy some? i am not bothered about using frozen meat either... its likely cheaper anyway. i assume i could find some in st lawrence mkt but i would rather seek out a more independant butcher. any help would be appreciated.

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  1. call the Healthy Butcher on Queen West (just a bit east of Bathurst). They do have game but I can't recall what kinds. I don't recall reindeer though,

    1. I am pretty sure I've seen it at the farmer's market opposite St Lawrence market. Saturdays only.

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        He sells Wild boar, Venison, and Emu mainly, I forget his name, but as you enter the Farmers market from Front St. he is located just on the Left centre aisle 2 booths North.

      2. Google "exotic meats." You'll find some online stores that do sell exotic meats, including venison, rattlesnake, frog legs, kangaroo meat, alligator and crocodile meat, etc.

        I did a quick search and found a place in Seattle that does ship these exotic meats.

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          Shipping meat in from outside the country is almost certainly more trouble that it's worth.

          Actually, it's probably illegal. I wouldn't try it.

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            You're absolutely right. I apologize for that. After I posted, I realized this is the Ontario, Canada board. I looked at the website for the exotic meats company above, and the site indicated that shipments outside of the U.S. have special import and export laws, and that shipments must be over $1,000. You are right. It's too much of a hassle.

        2. Reindeer? Santa is gonna leave you a bag of switches! :)

          1. You'll have the most success by calling a supplier to high end restaurants. They may have minimums as they usually deal in large quantities. I've always had good luck with The Butcher Shoppe on Shorncliffe in Etobicoke. (416) 234 2290

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              The Butcher Shoppe venison is from New Zealand so isn't 'reindeer' (which is caribou). I've certainly seen caribou on restaurant lists (from NWT), but I'm not sure that any of your guests will discern the difference. At the Butcher Shoppe I think the minimum order is a tenderloin (around $40). Or a side of ribs (around 10 chops).