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Dec 17, 2006 05:28 PM

South Beach Dining with Teenagers

We are going to South Beach this week and want our kids to get a good taste of what the SB scene is like. They are well traveled and have been to some great restaurants around the US and we want them to experience the hip places that serve great food. I have read/heard about the great options, but would like some others opinions as well. Nothing stuffy - I am thinking along the lines of the BLUE DOOR type, but we are opened to suggestions.
Any favorites?

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  1. In no particular order
    China Grille
    Tuscan Steak
    Prime 112
    Possibly the Astor -- if the old chef is back and it is good again...
    Possibly Social

    1. For something more casual but with the vibe you're looking for try Piola.

      1. Perhaps you might go to A La Folie out west on Espanola for lunch or Bond Street in the basement of the Townhouse for Japanese. Otherwise, take them anywhere on Ocean Drive like the Clevelander and lecture them on how lucky it is their parents are attempting to provide them with some refinement.

        1. How about Nobu? definitely a sobe favorite for locals...

          1. ok all these places are ok.

            but you want taste.

            Delano, both restaurants are awesome.

            Move over to downtown and try Capital Grill on 5th and Brickell or head on over to Brickell Key. Several different eateries with lost of cool atmosphere or go to Azul at the Mandarin Hotel. Be sure to finish with Azul dessert no matter which way you go.

            Also at the Four Ambassadors theres Porcao, amazing Brazilian restaurant. Try there signature drink, The Caprinia

            Good Luck

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              Umm, since the original poster mentioned the Blue Door I assumed they were aware of the restaurants @ the delano and did not want to go there.

              My guess is that you have not been many of these restaurants recommended by the other posters as you did not seem to realize the Blue Door was one of the "awesome" restaurants at the Delano. I like the restaurants at the Delano btw and would rate the restaurants there in the class of the restaurants I listed. I refrained from Nobu which is the best of the lot because I thought it would be too expensive and it is a chain.

              I would stick with south beach if that is where you are staying. No need to spend extra money going across the bay for dinner when there are plenty of great places in SOBE. Especially do not do Porcao. Great view. Solid but not amazing food. Mortons is better than Capital Grille btw and is also downtown.