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Dec 17, 2006 05:11 PM

Best Wine List/Sommelier?

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into where the best wine lists and sommeliers are in Toronto - with an eye towards value and originality? I realize that terms "best wine list" and "value" sometimes don't go together, but thought that if anyone would know, it would be you folks. Much appreciated.

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  1. I would certainly recommend Jamie Drummond at JKWB. The 3oz pours are great, very original and very muc stuff at you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.

    Crush would another place that I'd recommend.

    1. For sheer volume, Via Allegro in Etobicoke - $30 - $3000 and the Sommelier's know their stuff.

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        A second vote for Via Allegro. The list is astonishing (as are the prices, unfortunately) and the sommeliers are the real deal.

      2. Tonight I went to Globe Bistro and my guests and I did "flights".. we did two flights , which consisted of 3 different wines per flight each.. They were probably about 3 oz pours and were excellent pairings and gave us an opportunity to try many different wines.

        1. I don't usually rely on sommeliers, so I can't really speak to that part of your question. As far as the best wine lists go, it depends on what type of wine you are looking for. In the regions that I tend to focus on, Barberians is quite strong in older vintages of California wine. Opus also has a very extensive wine list, and as previously mentioned, so does Via Allegro. I find the list at Boba always has interesting wines from California that are not easily found in Toronto. Spuntini has a excellent cellar for Italian wines.

          1. George - I can't remember her name, but the sommelier is very nice, informative and makes great recommendations to fit your desired price range.