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Dec 17, 2006 04:14 PM

nw suburb restaurant opened on Christmas

Looking for a very nice restaurant near O'Hare Airport, Chicago, that will be opened on Christmas.

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  1. You will probably need to call the restaurants to find out who's open on December 25. You can find recommendations for places around O'Hare in other topics here in this forum. If you call a place and they say they're closed, ask them if they know who might be open in the area.

    You may find that hotel restaurants and Chinese restaurants are more likely to be open on Dec 25 than other kinds of places.

    Good luck...

    1. Try looking on -- you can specify date/time, and area, including NW suburbs.

      1. Osteria di Tramonto, the new venture from celeb chefs Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand is open on Christmas day. It's in Wheeling, very near the Lake Cook exit from the I294 tollway (in the new Westin Hotel complex). Gorgeous space, diverse menu ranging from rustic to luxurious and a wine list that is stupefyingly immense (good cheap wine, great moderately priced wines, and over-the-top rarities/blockbusters). The "Ricky T's" shortribs are not to be missed--the ultimate melt-in-your mouth comfort food. Good selection of cheeses and house-cured meats. I could eat there almost every day.