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Dec 17, 2006 04:08 PM

Turducken Report--South Bay edition

Turducken was had the day after Thanksgiving and it was a resounding success. This Frankenstein of the poultry set was disassembled and reassembled in Los Gatos at the family owned Los Gatos Meats, a local institution that among other things will dress you freshly killed game.

The monster came in at 25 lbs, the only bones accounting for that weight were the legs and wings. Otherwise, the thing is a boneless mass, debone,stuffed and stitched back into a turkazoid shape. Realy, this should be a Halloween tradition.

Be warned..the sucker takes at least fifteen hours to cook at low, low heat. The good news is that carving the bird is easy. With no bones you cut it quarters and slice it like a loaf of bread.

The results were great: Mosit turkey meat, a layer of sausage and bread stuffing, duck meat, a layer of sausage and bread stuffing. We never confidently identified any chicken, so we figure it was crushed under the extreme weight and ceased to exist. There was enought to feed an army of zombies, looking for some hideous mutant poultry to reanimate ( can you imagine what this thing would look like alive?).

You need to order ahead. John Chiala, owner of Los Gatos Meats and Smokehouse, says turducken is becoming one of the most popular entrees to serve at the Thanksgiving and he will guide you throught the cooking and serving process and back that up with a handout.

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  1. Should I put them on my gourmet list? I pass by Los Gatos frequently....

    1. My fellow turducken lover,
      Thanks a million for your detailed recommendation of where I can find a pre-assembled turducken. In my part of the Bay (Vallejo) it was proving to be mission impossible just to find butchers willing to de-bone birds. I had reconciled to spend the whole Xmas weekend tracking down porportional birds, de-boning them myself, and then(shortly after dawning my santa hat and placing presents under the tree for the kids), embark on this stuffing,spreading, sewing labor of love. I called Los Gatos Meats and within 5 minutes had reserved my mutant bird and preserved my Xmas sanity. The holiday will be much more enjoyable, and even more rewarding, as I kindly informed the nice folks down in Los Gatos, that I'd still be taking credit for this delicious undertaking. Thanks again.

      1. See if you still feel like thanking me after you see what they charge you for one.

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        1. re: Ken Hoffman

          What did they charge you? Anything else worth buying?

          1. re: skus

            I was quoted $110. I had previously reserved two fresh birds and one frozen duck (all with bones), at a cost of $60. The prep time plus the extra ingredients for stuffing/sewing is well worth the extra $50 or so in my opinion. Besides, I still have the rest of a feast for 20 to prepare. I haven't been to the market yet, but I'll report back after I pick up my turducken on Saturday.