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Had a corned beef and pastrami sandwich. Nice sandwich-good prices but a little too lean and a little too salty. I adore Katz's but sometimes I prefer machine sliced to hand sliced. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've not been in years, but I wonder about Ben's, a kosher deli in the Garment center....it never gets mentioned here, or anywhere else that I can see. Might be worth a try....


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      Ben's is a chain of delis from Long Island. They can be good in a pinch- i think they suffer from a bit of generica. They are unrelated to "Ben's Best" in Queens, however, which I think has some of the best pastrami around (among other things). This is a really solid deli. It's on Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills.

    2. I agree, i think Sarges can be pretty good - my Dad freaking loves the place - but amazingly Sarge's sandwich makes me even more thirsty thank Katz's version.

      1. I love Sarge's pastrami sandwiches. I always order it fatty, and have never been disappointed.

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          I agree. Went to Sarge's for the first time a few weeks ago. Chicken soup with matzoh balls was acceptable, but pastrami was pretty good. I found the corned beed unacceptable in terms of taste and texture.

        2. With the demise of the Second Avenue Deli, Sarges has become my go-to deli. On a good day, their corned beef and pastrami are very good. On off days, so so, but they are pretty good more often than not. BTW, their hotdogs tend to be mostly perfect and well-complimented by a nice soft, warm bun. Best hot dog I can remember eating since Second Avenue.

          Also, I have used them for delieveries and they show up on time to the minute. Pretty rare.

          1. Never been but I've heard they are one of the very few NY places (there's also Liebman's in Riverdale) to make their own pastrami.

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              Liebman's is one of Riverdale's bright spots. It's got good hot dogs, and I think the corned beef is better than Sarge's. The pastrami is good...but nothing compares to Katz's. However, if you're in the neighborhood, and need a deli fix, it's a good resource.

            2. Sarge's bagels are my favorite in the city. Perfect texture, I prefer them to H&H, Ess, Murrays and all the others.

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                      Thanks, Lucia. RGR, their website is under construction.

                      This place has an extensive menu, including shrimp cocktail, so not even "kosher style," for those who are scoring at home.

                      For the items they share in common, how would you compare this place to Mendy's, which I've been to once so far (aside from the fact that Mendy's is glatt kosher)?

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                        Sorry, Pan. I never thought to check it since it's always been there. Maybe they've taken it down in order to re-vamp.

                        Leaving the shrimp cocktail aside, why do you presume other things like deli, chicken soup, etc., are not "kosher style"?

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                          They may taste right. It's just that my concept of "kosher style" does not include non-fish seafood or pig. I'm trying to remember whether in the old days, Fine & Shapiro, the "kosher style" deli on W. 72 St., served Reubens. Katz's does, but they don't call themselves "kosher style," just a delicatessen.

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                            I don't think Sarge's bills itself as a "kosher style" deli. In fact, I think they think of themselves as more of a diner-type restaurant.

                            I'm sure you know when it comes to the term "kosher style," it refers to the preparation, not necessarily the type of dining establishment. Thus, diners or coffee shops can have listings on their menu that say, "kosher style" pastrami or "kosher-style pickles."

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                              Fine & Shapiro called itself a "Kosher style" restaurant. But I'm going to bow out of this tangent now.

                  1. They have the best fries.

                    1. I have always considered Sarge's to be rock solid in every way. In NYC, it may crack the top 10, maybe not, but in a lot of other cities that are starved for real Jewish delis, it could easily be number one. P.

                      1. In Brooklyn try Essex on Coney deli on Coney Island Ave. and Ave. J. Pretty damn good pastrami. Closed shabbat.