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Dec 17, 2006 03:44 PM

Non lettuce salad ideas?

For our family hannukah party next week, I have to bring the dinner salad. My father can't eat romaine or other dark leafy veggies (like spinach) and I hate making salads with iceburg.

My mom is making brisket (natch), can anyone recommend a salad that isn't lettuce based that would go nicely with brisket and latkes? I was thinking of doing a cucumber salad but mom wasn't thrilled with that idea. I don't really want to do any bean or corn or other starchy veggie salads as those tend to be heavy.

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  1. Get yoouself a mandoline from your local high end kitchen shop and do a shaved veg salad; fennel, carrot, celery. Or if that sounds to dangerous there's always roasted beet salad; lime, red onion, pomegranate.

    1. hearts of palm, brightened with julienne strips of red bell pepper (blanched) or pimento, a light dusting of parsley. simple oil and vinegar or lemon juice dressing.
      Set on microgreens or lettuce, which he can leave on his plate untouched.

      Wasn't there a trendy resurrection of iceberg wedges with fabulous bleu cheese dressing only a few years ago? That was once a steakhouse staple in America. Depending on your in-laws' ages, they might adore it. Is that Kosher?

      1. If you have the Dec. edition of Saveur there is a celery salad. Very simple and very delicious. I was amazed by it when I made it. It is also very refreshing.

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          Candy, can you elaborate on this celery salad?

        2. What about a white bean salad. Since you may not have time, buy organic (unseasoned) cannelini beans, rinse them and cook with mirepoix to add flavor. get some black olives, some fennel, red onion or shallot. slice all thinly except the olives, and toss with a red wine vinegrette. you can macerate the shallots to soften their texture and flavor. add some curly or pepper cress at the end. delicious and filling salad.

          1. This salad was inspired by one I saw in a cooking mag in Nov.... forget which one, I changed it a bit:

            thinly sliced fennel
            thinly sliced red onion
            orange wedges
            fresh mint
            tossed with a light vinegrette of rice vinegar and almond oil and sprinkled with sea salt

            Good Luck,

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              I made something just like that the other night, only I used a balsamic dressing. I've also done it with a light orange juice/olive oil/wine vinegar blend. Fennel, orange and red onion are terrific for lightening up a heavy entree.