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Dec 17, 2006 02:57 PM

Looking for Porcini Bouillon cubes

When Tuller on Court Street in Brooklyn closed some months ago (to be replaced by the, in my opinion, inferior Cobblestone Foods), they had a big inventory blow-out-get-everything-off-the-shelves sale, at which I bought some great parmigiano reggiano at an amazing price, and also happened to pick up a box of Star Funghi Porcini bouillon cubes. They're great! I used them every time I made rice for a while. But now they're gone. And I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them?

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  1. Sure, Arthur Avenue, the true "Little Italy" in the Bronx.

    The place they are carried is in the large internal market -- one of those big, European style markets, with lots of vegtable, salami and fruit vendors all under one roof. Its right in the middle of the block.

    There is a place in that open air market that sells dry goods -- pasta, olive oil, all kinds of stuff from Italy. They carry "Star" everything. Its like a little trip to Italia.

    Its worth going up there, in any event -- like a trip to the old country!

    And I might have seen some Star product in Bedford Cheese, in Willaimsburgh. But dont hold me to that. Mangiata.

    1. They have them at DiPalo's, or at least they did about a year ago when I bought some there.

      1. Coluccio's in Brooklyn carry's them. Star Brand. They are on 60 st and 12 ave

        1. I got some today at Coluccio's. They're just back of the cash registers.

          Does any Italian speaker know what the other Star products are?

          1. They're actually kinda all over at this point. Places I know I've seen them in Manhattan in the not-distant-past:

            Buon Italia
            Garden of Eden

            Probably but won't swear to it:

            Dom's on Lafayette, or whatever it's name is at that point
            Whole Foods, think I've seen them but not sure
            Balducci's - I'd be surprised if they don't, but rarely go there

            pretty much any similar "gourmet/foodied/chow-ish" market, which means almost any market of any size in Manhattan at this point, I think....

            Apart from pointing you in the general direction of Bensonhurst and (somewhat less so these days) Bay Ridge, I can't help in the other boroughs. Oh, except there's a Garden of Eden on Montague St, and Sahadi's might well have them.