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Dec 17, 2006 02:36 PM

ISO Wire Twistie Bag Closers (San Francisco)

Aeons ago I bought what I thought was a lifetime supply of these but can't recall where. (I guess I've just lived longer that I expected).

I'm talking about simple lengths of paper-coated wire that you use by twisting around the gathered cellophane (plastic?) top of a bread bag or whatever. I don't want to hear about chip clips or anything fancy like that. Simple is best. The wire twisties are the greatest thing for sliced bread, so to speak.

Does anybody know where to buy these?

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  1. Ummm, I don't buy them. I go to the local Stop & Shop supermarket and take a small handful of the twistie ties at the bagel island. :-)

    If you don't have one of those, maybe a local supermarket would sell you a package of them?

    1. And save 'em, save 'em, save 'em for reuse. My Hub cleaned out my wraps-and-bags drawer a few years ago and threw out most of the twisties, thinking them cast-off. I believe I had some that had been re-used for years!

      Had to resort to the rubber bands from broccoli stems until I built up a supply again through co-op bulk purchases.

      It's oddly comic, I guess, but some simple things like twisties just float our boats.

      1. Check a garden store for a big roll of the green plastic coated wire used for tying up vines. You'd have to cut it, but there'd be a lot!

        Like this:

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          Very handy in the kitchen! But actually, the garden tie comes on a plastic spool and card, which has a handy metal lever 'press-to-cut' feature.(sort of like toenail clippers)

          Spool off what you want, clip, and your custom length wire tie is ready. In all hardware stores' lawn and garden section.

        2. First thought was the same as yayadave's. If for some reason you can't find those at your local garden store, go to a craft store and get them there for wreath making, or flower arranging.

          You could also use pipe cleaners, which would do the trick and are reuseable.

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          1. re: hummingbird

            Or check the candymaking aisle in the craft store. They have lots of that kind of stuff, for packaging handmade goodies.

          2. Consider the common clothespin...great for sealing up chips, bread, cereal.