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Dec 17, 2006 01:42 PM

Pardo's chicken - Just as good as now-defunct El Pollo

Stopped by this new Peruvian chicken chainlet last night. While I only room enough for a quarter chicken, I was extremely impressed. The skin was super crispy and flavorful the spicing permeated every nook of the chicken. Moreover, they give you two accompanying sauces, one of which, the green peppercorn, is superb (the other, homemade mayonaise, paled in comparison).

This chicken was as close in flavor to my all-time favorite, El Pollo, which used to have two locations (SoHo and Upper East Side), both of which closed.

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  1. Where is this place?

    1. It's called Pardo's. It's located on Seventh Ave. South in the West Village.

      1. I agree with the op. I was shocked at how flavorful and moist the chicken was and all the sides were fantastic (the fried yucca was especially good with the sauces). Sometimes there's nothing better than a good roast chicken, and this place came through big time.

        1. Hold everything! Pollo Loco is no more? Can anyone confirm this? They always did a booming business on Lincoln Blvd in S.M. (Ca) and elsewhere in L.A.. Say it ain't so!

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            Pollo Loco may be out of business in NYC, but it thrives in California, and maybe other states...check their website.