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Dec 17, 2006 01:40 PM


Hi everyone... I live in Toronto Canada and I am in love with the Lagunitas Imperial Stout and the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. However, these beers are not for purchase in Ontario beer and liquor stores... Could anyone please give me recommendations as to where i can purchase these beers either in Eastern Michigan, upstate New York, or in the province of Quebec.... Thanks a bunch...

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  1. Have been to Lagunitas' brewery many times - start here for beer:

    1. hey there.
      you could try special ordering through the lcbo, but you'd have to buy several cases. you could also go to premier gourmet, which is in the buffalo area, and has a great beer selection. you could also check out, a Toronto-area beer site, which has a section devoted to special orders. you may also find someone there who has some and would be willing to trade. also, you could try looking on ebay.

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        I don't believe eBay allows the selling of beer with some exceptions for collector items.

        1. re: Jim Dorsch

          yeah, but ``collector items'' is a judgement call. i know people who have bought several bottles on ebay. granted, they were mostly rare belgians.

      2. thanks for the suggestions... keep them coming:)