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Dec 17, 2006 01:18 PM

Cooking Barley so it's tasty

Other than in soups, how like your barley prepared? I love the texture and could eat it in place of rice often.

Can it be baked?

what are your best barley recipes?

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  1. switching up the cooking liquid makes a huge difference. i always cook it with lots of aromatics and chicken stock; then depending on what i'm serving it with, often include either lemon or orange juice, and that zest at the end.

    i really like it as a salad component and treat it like cous-cous. i like it with lots of parsley or watercress, slivered almonds, golden raisins, bits of cumin-scented chicken, and chopped olives or feta. i also like it with black beans and corn.

    you can bake it, make it "risotto" style, or toast it before regular cooking.

    1. I love barley cooked in chicken broth/stock and then mixed with sauteed onions and mushrooms of any kind. A very satisfying, and healthy, side dish.

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        Ditto. Barley pilaf is great and it doesn't even take that long.

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          Exactly what I do - it's delicious. I love to use dried thyme whenever I sautee mushrooms and then, for this dish, add some fresh thyme after mixing the barley with the mushrooms and onions.

        2. I cook it up like a pilaf. I love barley!

          1. I can just eat it boiled in water like rice. (I'd rather eat just about anything before plain white rice.) But most often I put it in soup. There's a wonderful recipe in the old Diet for a Small Planet book for a barley & buttermilk soup that absolutely rocks.

            1. Simple, but very nice - mix some barley in with white rice. It's a really lovely, warming but substantial base for coq au vin and the such.