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Dec 17, 2006 11:51 AM

ran - new japanese on metropolitan ave.

Anyone tried it yet? It is across the street (almost) from Danny Brown's and looks quite nice from the outside.

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  1. I just noticed it today. Peeked inside and it looks nice. Too bad the windows are fogged glass. I know that often people pass up a restaurant they can't see into. Like I do with all the Bukharian (sp?) ones on QB. Still, I'm gonna try to go soon.

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    1. re: molace

      Do post when you do. I'm very curious.

      1. re: was

        Here's another thread on it:

        I've been there twice and it is definitely worth a visit.

    2. I passed by . We went to star of Siam Thai food ,. am going to check that place out . I think Forest Hills and Metro is going to be the New Rest row of Queens.