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Dec 17, 2006 06:52 AM

Jones Turkey Soda

Does anybody know if this weird item is still being made? And if so, can it be found in Vancouver?

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  1. That was a US Thanksgiving promotion last year (yes, US, Jones is an Amurrican company now), so even if it was repeated for 2006, it's off the market now and you'll have to wait and hope for next year.

    I heard the stuff was completely repulsive.

    1. It's still being made; the Jones Soda Co. Holiday Pack has locator info at but they list no information for BC right now (several places in Washington State, though). This year's Holiday Pack includes (along with Turkey and Gravy) Dinner Roll, Pea, Sweet Potato and Antacid.

      If you REALLY want the taste of Turkey & Gravy soda, you can order a 12-pack (with a custom label including your photo!) at and they do ship to Canada. (Expensive, though; the 12-pack will come out to like $6 per bottle.


      In my experience, I've gone to some lengths to have an experience that was widely regarded as horrible, only to find out that... yes, it's pretty horrible. But I can say I did it, now.

      1. Thanks for the replies - I thought it would make a great gift for my father, who is always seeking out the weirdest of grocery items. This would totally be up his alley, as repulsive as the product sounds! Don't know if I feel like dropping big bux to have it shipped here, nor do I feel like driving over the border (guess we'll need passports soon!) Oh well! For some reason, I thought Jones was originally made in I wrong?

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        1. Turkey-schmurkey...Jones should make headcheese soda or bacon and liver soda, including bits of real meat "pulp".

          1. Meat bits! Ergh! If there were a SPAM soda, there are some people I know who would be all over that! ((shudder)).