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Dec 17, 2006 04:04 AM

Any recommendations for Korean BBQ in the Valley?

Hello, there are a great deal of good Korean BBQ places downtown, but is anyone aware of a great place in the Valley? Thank you!!

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  1. there's a place called Hanwoori on Reseda between Plummer & Lassen (east side). I've never had their bbq but can vouch for their hwe-dup bap and kalbi-tang. their seafood pancake is pretty good too.

    1. Duk Su Jang, on the east side of Van Nuys Blvd. just south of Sherman Way---7128 Van Nuys, VN.

      Pine Tree Korean, 8322 Reseda Blvd, Northridge.

      1. Pine Tree in Reseda (Reseda at Roscoe)

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              My order is always the same. I've been going there since the early 90s, before the Northridge earthquake, when their original store was damaged, and they had to move to their present location.

              I go very basic with my order:
              1 order of bulgogi (beef)
              1 order of jaap chae

              This will give you glass noodles, and it will give you beef. If you are dining solo, they will grill the beef for you in the kitchen. If you are with 2 or more, you can grill it at your table.

              This comes with a small bowl of a light turnip soup, a small bowl of sticky rice, kimchi, daicon, green lettuce dressed in rice vinegar, and a variety of side dishes.

              If you are dining solo, you will have leftovers. If you are with someone, you may be able to finish it all. Also, if you like other kinds of meat, they have chicken, rib and possibly pork options. They also have more options, such as soups, seafood and so on. I usually just go with what I said above though.

              If you go, I hope you like it. :) Service is hit or miss-- never super friendly, but usually fast and to the point. I've never really had to wait for my food there.

              Also, if you only want a little bit of food, they have a lunch special weekdays, with a bit of all of the above, that is served in a rectangle tray, with different compartments for each item. This is much cheaper than the above. I prefer to order each item separately, because you get more food and more side dishes, and more to take home for later. :)

          1. i like pine tree much better than han woo ri. there is a new one opening up on the south side of devonshire just east of reseda that is supposed to be good (i think i read a post about it here... this must be an expansion branch).

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                no it's not another pine tree. it's some other restaurant. a poster here recognized the name and said it was good, so i am assuming this is an expansion location. i don't remember the name though.

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                  Ok. Thanks. I got a bit excited there. :)