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Dec 17, 2006 02:49 AM

Great newish spot on 5th ave--apropos cafe

We were looking for a cup of coffee tonight and Gorilla was closed. On 5th ave between berkeley and lincoln is a newish wine/espresso/coffee bar (guy said they have been there since Nov 1). Really excellent banana espresso bread pudding and solid coffee. We were the only people there Saturday night at 10...I would like this place to stick around! Super nice guy there, too.

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  1. I agree. The espresso banana cake was amazing, the coffee good and Ali, the owner, was cheerful and nice to talk to. I hope Apropos sticks around too.

    1. It's a pleasant spot to relax and enjoy a cup of tea, too. I stopped in a couple of times while x-mas shopping on 5th ave. and came out feeling so much better.

        1. I stopped by the other day with my wife on my friend's recommendation. She had the pesto pizza and I had the portobello. I have to say both were extraordinary. We also had a great bottle of cabernet from chile. great music, great atmosphere, and great prices, I highly recommend this place

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            I am glad to see someone commenting on more than the coffee & deserts. This place has the most amazing thin, thin crust pizzas, bruschette and salads. And a fun and affordable wine list. I m addicted. Portobello pizza with garlic shallot puree, truffle puree, fresh thyme, percorino & roasted portobello mushrooms - WOW - bruschetta with warm figs & sweet gorgonzola - OH MY GOSH - & everything else is just as magical. Forget Frannys - this is the best!!!!! This gem of a place won't be a secret for long.

          2. I like this place also. Very good coffee, and the pizza are very tasty, albeit a little too oily for my taste. It never seems crowded though, so I don't know if its going to survive.