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Dec 17, 2006 02:13 AM

tamales, mid wilshire to downtown?

I have been asked to bring some tamales to Christmas Eve. The place I used to get the Central American tamales in banana leaves is gone and I don't know any Mexican places nearby. Help??

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  1. What about Mama's Hot Tamales on 7th and Alvarado?
    They have a link to an order form from their website:

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    1. I have eaten there several times. I don't think they are spectacular but wouldn't personally label them as
      "not good". I definitely prefer some over others (I favor the veggie fillings).
      Besides, I hope the OP has enough time to taste and see for herself!

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      1. re: Skorgirl

        I tried Mama's Hot Tamales ONCE with a group of Chowhounds about 4 years ago and felt they didn't need a return visit, ever! Some of the Worst in LA.

        1. re: Skorgirl

          I was really looking for the type of place that traditionally sells tamales by the dozen, not a restaurant.

          1. re: carlaann

            Ordinarily they are a cafe but for the holidays they are selling the tamales by the dozen, according to the order form.

        2. Sounds like an unpleasant experience. My visits have been in the last year or so; perhaps things have changed since then. Nonetheless, I imagine the OP will have many choices in her geographical range.

          1. I know that it is on the Eastside, but Junanito's on Floral off Eastern Avenue is excellent. The question is whether they are still taking orders for Christmas. You may have to buy them a bit before. However, they do keep well. I am sure that someone there can tell you how to do this as this is surely not the first time.

            Check out the website, especially the revieiws.