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Dec 17, 2006 01:52 AM

Back Alley Woodfire BBQ Recommendations ?

Has anyone been recently - thoughts and recommendations?

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  1. i was there in the summer. good food, friendly. liked the ribs, chicken and salmon. pan fried dumplings ok. i'd go back.

    1. Hi....this place is one of my faves...wood grilled chicken is amazing...also green onion pancake and spring rolls...\and the pot stickers...Miranda

      1. Went this week for lunch. Had the rib combo for lunch $8.99. Started with good side salad. mongolian ribs (like korean ribs) are very good and the pork sparerib was good. scaliion pancakes are very good - plump and not greasy (too many chinese restaurant versions are greasy). very reasonable prices - $3.00-3.50 for bottled beer; $5.00 for glass of wine. owner (frank hsu) is proud of his bbq ovens. worth visiting.

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          I need an update on this joint
          Is this place still any good?

          1. re: CoffeeAddict416

            So i went on sat jan 15th and we were the first ones there
            Service was great for the kind of place it is. Food was not bad for the price. $12 for a roast chicken leg and 3 pork side ribs plus steamed veggies and rice isn't what I'd call pricey. The Chinese owner's background as a cantonese chef does come out in his ribs. The ribs were very Char Siu like in quality with nice burned bits. They were obviously reheated which is a given for something like that.

            It's a bit lacking but overall i could see myself going back in the summer