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Dec 17, 2006 01:50 AM

vegetarian in downtown LA or Pasadena??

I am looking for a vegeterian place near Pasadena or downtown LA. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. try the elf cafe in echo park, very close to downtown. excellent, and all vegetarian!!!!!

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Is that place any good? It always looks so strange next to that big McDonalds.

      2. for breakfast or lunch, HOMEGIRL CAFE in boyle heights has many delicious vegetarian offerings.
        their 'style' at lunch is nouvelle mexican, i.e. the dishes are definitely inspired by mexican cuisine, but they are not nearly as rich, and more dependent on fresh ingredients. for instance, the salads are dressed with a citrus dressing that isn't oily.

        1. tierra cafe in a food court on wilshire and flower has really good veggie food but it is only open during the week and closes at 3

          1. Pasadena's not great for veg food. Check out the Tibet Nepal house. Also Kansai (sp?) (Japanese place) in old town seems to have vegetarian options now.

            You can also head down to the SGV and go to veggie Chinese places there (Happy Family etc.).