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Dec 17, 2006 01:47 AM

Store Bought Pate or Foie Gras

Has anyone had great store bought pate or foie gras- something that would work for a cocktail party? I know they sell it at Joan's on Third, Bristol Farms, Whole Foods and Surfas but have yet to try any of them. Any recs? Any ones that I missed? Thanks so much.

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  1. Actually Trader Joe's typically carries a brand called the Three Little Pigs. Randomly you can also find it at Smart & Final. It's produced by a boutique company of three french brothers from a history of pate making lineage. Quite good stuff and not too bad priced. Very rich and flavorful. Out of all the packaged pates I have tried, this is one of the best in quality and taste. I think that Bristol Farms and Surfas also carries this brand - but at a little higher price. Good luck!

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      I don't know about pate you can buy at Smart & Final.
      "Marcel et Henri" brand I believe is the best. this can aslo be found at Trader Joe's. Smooth, just enough fat content, well seasoned. I can't say the same about the "three little pigs".
      I recommend the country style pork pate with cognac. it comes in nice thick slices, read to be slapped between two pieces of crusty bread and be called dinner.

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        Which Trader Joe's are you guys shopping at? The one in West LA (National) did not have either of these products. I had to settle for Marcel et Henri port chicken liver. Which is good, but no foie gras.

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        ? what TJ's sells 3 Little Pigs? I have never seen at either TJ's or S&F in OC. They used to carry at a Ralphs Fresh Fare that I used to go to but now they don't carry it (although occasionally salmon pate). That is my favorite brand, even more so that Dartagnan or Fabrices Delices (sp?), but no one seems to carry. I didn't see at Surfas either...

      3. You can find it typically at the Trader Joe's in West Hollywood off Santa Monica/Fuller and the La Brea Store off of 3rd Street. I know that "Smart & Final" does not exude gourmet, but they carry both those brands for the trade. Surfas typically carries both. It's just a little cheaper at S & F or Trader Joe's. BTW, the Three Little Pigs is translated in French. Both brands are good, just depends on preference. I prefer pate with a very smooth finish and slightly sweet finish. It's nothing like being in Montreal Canada at the Atwater Marche getting fresh slices at the Pate Counter, but at least it serves the purpose for a quick fix...

        1. I love the Pate at Normadie Bakery... she makes it fresh...


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            Sounds perfect for a party. How much for a slab (quarter pound or so)? I can call tomorrow if you don't know, but the website isn't saying.

            1. re: Pei

              You know, I just called P. to ask and he can't remember... :/ He's the one who has always bought it for me... :) She DOES sell it by weight though and it's not overly pricy :)


          2. Next door little door is selling a very good terrine of foie gras-- we tried it yesterday and I didn't see any use of extenders. Just pure lobe.... Expensive enough that I probably wouldn't serve it at a party. They also had an excellent chicken liver mousse.

            Les Trois Petits Cochons is reliable for country pates and available all over.

            1. I think Surfas has a good selection of foie gras. Not sure about the price, however.