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Dec 17, 2006 12:52 AM

Kosher in Cancun

Does anyone know if there is any place to get kosher food (prepared or not) in Cancun, Mexico? Thanks!

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  1. If you go the Wal-Mart in town (available by bus and cab), you will find a wide range of certified local products (canned goods, torillas, salsa, milk, cereal, cookies, etc.) The most common hechsher you will see is the Alef-Alef over the letters V-H. (This is the Askenazi Va'ad in Mexico City). You may also find the magen david symbol, which is from the Syrian community. I am unaware of any prepared kosher food there.

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    1. re: Kosher Critic

      It seems that more and more products from mexico which had the Ashkenazi Hashgacha from Mexico City no longer display the cert, e.g. Jugomex juices. Is there a list that reflects the products they certify or are they in fact discontinuing oversight on those products?

      1. re: Marcharlan

        The site below has links to the lists maintained by the two hasgachos. However, the link to the Askenazi list did not seem to work. I have seen such a list so maybe there is another way to get it.

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        We always stock up on the kosher mole and pipian sauces when we're in Mexico. We roast up turkey legs (from those great cheap Empire packages), shred the meat up, mix in the sauce, and serve in tortillas. Fantastic. Thank you.

      3. There is a service which I did not use, whose URL is

        The website says that they kasher kitchens and sell home cooked meals. I don't know if they have hashgacha. The contact info is:

        Ph./Fax (+52 998) 885 20 22
        Urgent Delivery dial (+52 998) 104 7004

        Let us know what you find out, and have a good time!

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          Just got back from Cancun. I ended up getting food from Kosher Solutions. It was very good with nice sized portions.

          Regarding the hasgacha: All ingredients are kosher and their meat is glatt; however, they only have Conservative hashgacha because it is too expensive to have a full time rabbi on-site. If you want an orthodox hasgacha, they can bring a rabbi in to supervise that day, and they will just add the cost to your order.

          Thanks for all your help.

          1. re: StephenF

            How was Koshersolutions quality? Anything better than airline food?

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            just returned from cancun where my family has a timeshare. We learned that ksoehrsolutions sells kosher food out of the same kitchen as McDonald on the hotel zone. that raised a red flag so we ended up getting all our kosher food at sams club and walmart. By the way for much better prices.

            It looks like we may be back there in Dec, i will report back.

          3. there is also a Chabad in Cancun and the Rabbi and Rebbetzin are very nice...


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              What happened to kosher restaurant in the Hyatt?

              1. re: jaickyt

                That's in Acapulco, isn't it, not Cancun?

            2. Just got back from our family vacation, we had two dinners at the home of the chabad rabbi, it was very nice of him to welcome us, otherwise we had lots of fruits fro breakfast. Also, on the chabad website there is a complete list of kosher products that are available at the local supermarkets, we even found things that where not on the list.
              i think sams club had the most kosher food, and for great prices.
              enjoy cancun.

              1. We were on vacation in Cancun and went diving in Cozumel
                Apparently there kosher restaurant in Cozumel with delicious quality food
                There are also a kosher shop.
                Chabad House Cozumel has a kindergarten
                That's how our little girl enjoyed the company of children while diving
                Very nice community.

                You can see more details on
                Contact information:
                or by Email