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Dec 17, 2006 12:16 AM

Flushing Dim Sum, need big help Id'ing two spots

Hi fellowhounds hope you can help me. I asked a woman I know who is originally from Taiwan about dim sum in Flushing. She goes there on a regular basis (Flushing that is).

She made two recommendations, but did not have the exact names... I was hoping someone might recognize them from the descriptions. In the alternative, are there any other recommendations in Flushing. Thanks in advance, Trish!

1. A place on 37th Street and Main on the right side on the second floor.

2. A place (maybe with the word Terrace in the title?) right across from the Flushing Mall.

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  1. The first place is possibly Gala Manor. The second is definitely Ocean Jewels

      1. The other board favorite is Gum Fung, 136-28 39th Ave.

        1. love gum fung. but try to get seated on the main floor, not upstairs!

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            I'm a bit confused. When one enters Gum Fung, there is only one level after the climb of the outside steps. Are you saying, there is either a lower or upper level to this one? And if there is another level, why should I avoid it?

          2. There is (was?) another room, up a couple of steps (on the wall opposite the windows - kind of in line w/ the entrance, IIRC), not as big as the main one - I've been seated there in years gone by. We didn't think we were particularly disadvantaged in terms of cart traffic, but who knows, perhaps we were. Or maybe that's not why Linda warned about it.