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Dec 17, 2006 12:06 AM

Vegas Review: 2 buffets

I went to Vegas in mid-November, and here are the restaurants I tried:

Rosemary's--Thanks to this website, I ventured to try this place and found it to be absolutely wonderful. I had the prix fixe lunch, Texas BBQ shrimp appetizer (superb), fish (they didn't have duck :(), and flourless cake. Everything was pretty wonderful!

Wynn Buffet for dinner--The last time I went, I found the Wynn Buffet to be incredible. The price has gone up since then to mid-30s for dinner, but the quality of the food is still excellent. The lamb was incredible, and I usually don't eat lamb because of the gamey taste. Great shrimps and crab legs. Super dessert station with crepes, ice cream and many others.

Paris Buffet for dinner--This buffet was cheaper than the Wynn was and wasn't bad. However, after having the Wynn buffet the night before, the qualify was definitely a few knotches from the Wynn. I liked their French Onion soup, although it's broth only with no melted cheese, grilled veggies, crepes. Some of the other dishes were so-so, but it was only around $25.

Some newly opened Shanghai restaurant on the 2nd floor of the plaza housing the 99 Ranch--This place was bad! I think it is above the Korean BBQ place on the right hand side of the stairs. The service was pretty awful, and the food was plain bad. Definitely don't go to try it!

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  1. Stayed @ the Wynn this past week for Business. Tried the Buffet for was well worth the $$$. The Buffet was plentiful. The Seafood array was plentiful...Smoked Salmon, seafood cakes,Trout w/ leeks, Two types of herring, seafood newburg over flaky biscuits....Asian Dim Sum , congee, sausages, english bangers, eggs benedict,.....
    The choices were too many to name....

    The chocolate croissants were sinful!

    I can't wait until my next visit in January!

    1. Glad Rosemary's was up to of our favorite places anywhere.

      Looks like the Wynn buffet will be next on our list. We were very disappointed with the Bellagio given all the raves.