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Dec 16, 2006 11:44 PM

Barefoot Contessa Beef Bourguignon Recipes

Has anyone made her recipe for Beef Bourguignon? I am cooking Christmas Dinner for a very meat and potatoes type of crowd and I need to be able to make most of the meal the night before. THe recipe in her first cookbook calls for beef tenderloin in slices which I thought was a nice twist - especially since it;s for Christmas. But apparently her newer cookbook calls for using beef chuck in cubes. Anybody tried either or both? I already bought a beautiful tenserlion. I could also maybe go the beef wellington route..... but the stew seems so much easier with a 1 year old running around.

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  1. Save the tenderloin! Beef bourgignon should be made with chuck which has the fat and connective tissue that melts down into such a wonderful sauce. Tenderloin is far too lean. You can make the bourgignon a couple of days in advance, too - really it should be made at least one day in advance.

    1. I've made this recipe a few times with beef chuck. It's the best Bourguignon I've had and I'm very picky. The mix of wine and bacon blends into such a rich flavor that diners can't seem to put their finger on. They just love it. Corry