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Dec 16, 2006 11:42 PM

Indianapolis, IMA, Puck's?

We were at the museum today, and had a look at the menu. It looks pretty good. Has anyone tried?

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  1. We've been twice, and had generally good experiences both times. Other friends have reported less favorably. Consistency has been a problem during our visits, with some aspects of the food and service being very good to excellent, and others less so. It's worth a try, IMO.

    Good luck,


    1. If you're at the museum its fine. A good place to service the museum. Like all W.Puck places, some items are excellent, some weak. All in all he provides upgraded standards from what used to service the places he's in... airports included.

      1. Have also been twice. It is a nice room with lots of space between the tables. Food and service is above average and much better than many museum options.