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Dec 16, 2006 11:39 PM

Dinner at Gargoyles -- What to Order?

Hi, I'm going to dinner at Gargoyles on the Sq in Davis and was hoping some fellow foodies could help me out. I've never been and am not sure what to order. Any advice? Have heard from friends that the tuna poke appetizer is good but... what else??

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  1. I do enjoy the poke! And I enjoyed the lettuce salad on the current menu (but my grandmother used to give me lettuce salad - expect a little head of lettuce).

    The foie was a nice academic exercise for the chef, but I didn't love it. As was the lamb capuccino (I think it was lamb).

    the house-infused bourbon is lovely, if you like bourbon - I think this season it's apples, clove, cinnamon and, uh, something else.

    aaaand the cranberry-champagne soup, for dessert, was very heavy on the marshmallow.

    and you're totally right about Oxford Spa - total hidden gem.

    1. I've only eaten at the bar so these options may not be available in the dining room but I really liked the reuben fritters and the burger.

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        Just was there last night - the reuben fritters are available as an appetizer on both a full app on the bar menu, paired with crayfish bisque and maple soda (my choice last night) on the full menu. And these fritters are something that should *remain* on the menu, IMO! They are SO good.

      2. If you are eating (or waiting for your table) in the bar the start with the "Pick Plate" - the truffled honey is phenomenal.

        1. I really enjoyed the duck drumettes last time. And the red sangria is great. Butterscotch dessert with truffle ice cream is table-bangingly good.

          Really, I could happily eat almost anything from the bar menu. The burger, the poke, the rock shrimp ....

          1. I'm a big fan of Gargoyles, but I must admit that the Tuna Poke is one of my least favorite things that I've tried there and I wouldn't order it again. But I'm quite clearly in the minority :) I can highly recommend both of the two entrees that I've had that are currently on the menu: the duck confit and the "Turducken". I think the duck confit is sort of a standard dish on the menu. The Turducken is in quotes on their menu because its a play on the real thing (a turkey stuffed with a duck that has been stuffed with a chicken). At G's, it is chicken stuffed with duck confit and some Turkey sausage, along with cocoa gnocchi and mushrooms and sunchokes. The gnocchi didn't have much cocoa flavor, but I thought they were still tasty, and the mushrooms and sunchokes were a great accompaniment. That is the dish that I would order again and that I thought of during some recent meals at other restaurants that made me wish I was at Gargoyles instead.