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Dec 16, 2006 11:15 PM

Middle Eastern Restaurants?

Anyone know where to get good authentic middle eastern food in the area? Am curious about everywhere but would prefer the brighton, brookline, or back bay area. thanks!

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  1. The best middle eastern style food for my money is at the Helmand if you want a nice sit-down place (Cambridgeside galleria). It's Afgahn food if that's close enough. For quick snack you should try Reef in Brighton or Sabra Grill in Harvard Sq.

    1. my recommendations are really dated, but back when i was eating in boston all the time, my favorites were:

      1. moby dick (scruffy fast-ish food iranian with excellent ground meat kabob and surprisingly good rice for a scruffy fast-ish food place).

      2. schwarma king. haloumi sandwich. mmm.

      3. helmand

      4. fresh, excellent iranian cookies at tabrizi bakery in watertown
      (sorry, not a restaurant, but i'm on a middle eastern food reminiscing extravaganza


      i'd love to know if these places are still good, or what's better

      1. Would Karoun in Newtonville be too far for Armenian food?

        Brookline Family Turkish Restaurant is a very nice place for Turkish.

        Haven't been to reef in a long while and want to go back soon.

        1. Reef Cafe is lovely--the vegetarian kibbe sandwich with pickled turnips is my favorite, though they do good stuffed peppers and other homey Lebanese food.

          1. I second Karoun. Delicious food; good entertainment. Bring money! Enjoy!