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Shanghai Flavor Shop in Sunnyvale

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In the mood for Shanghai food around Stanford I did a search on Google and came up with Shanghai Flavor shop. Intrigued there were no reviews on Chowhound (however thanks to Melanie for posting a menu http://static.flickr.com/77/230676340... )I grabbed a friend and ventured down. Located in a strip mall in Sunnyvale, Shanghai Flavor shop has a simple but clean interior, as I entered I heard familiar sounds of people speaking Shanghainese. Washroom was relatively clean for this type of restaurant.

Pork Fried Buns (Shan Jean Bao, phonetically Cantonese
)-This is the best tasting Shan Jean Bao I've had outside of Shanghai, the dumpling is pan fried crisp on the outside with a wonderfully soft layer just underneath. Inside is a good meat portion surrounded by a juicy broth. Be careful not to scald yourself as you bite down, my shirt was a victim of the broth squirting out. 6 out of the 6 buns were filled with juice. I couldn't resist ordering a second helping, again 6 out of 6 buns filled with soup.

Steamed Pork Bun (Shao Lung Bao, phonetically Cantonese)
-Steamed with a slice of carrot underneath. Nothing special, only 2 out of the 8 dumplings had juice.

Wonton Soup (Pork)
-A soup with 10-12 mini wontons. Simple clear chicken broth soup with nice simple small wontons, the wrappers had a good texture not over boiled at all, a good dish.

Baked Raddish Cake
-Two baked buns with raddish shreds inside. Great layered crispy outside. One of the best I've had in the bay area.

Curry Beef Noodle Soup
-Skip, just some curry in chicken stock with bean noodles.

Shredded Pork and Noodle with Green Onion Sauce
-Good noodle cooked perfectly al dante, not much shredded pork. Overall a very shanghai style dish, although a little oily.

I highly recommend this place for the Pork Fried Buns!!!

I also noticed a "Fish and Chips" shop two doors down that serves Taiwanese food, any reports on that?

Shanghai Flavor Shop
888 Old San Francisco Rd.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 738-3003


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  1. Thanks Stanfordfoodie! Shan Jean Bao are really special. The crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside wrapper is almost too good to be true! I'm looking forward to making the trek to Sunnyvale for these gems. Has any hound found a good version of Shan Jean Bao in San Francisco?

    1. Sounds intriguing, though I think I find it easier to get to Shanghai from here than to Sunnyvale. Were the noodles boiled, drained and tossed in the oil with the pork and green onions? ("Bü mi" the Shanghainese call this, I'm not sure what the Mandarin is.)

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        Yup, the noodles were done exactly the way you describe it.

      2. Hey, thanks for checking it out for us! Ruth Lafler spotted it, all I did was manage to get my hands on a menu.

        So far, the only other decent sheng jian bao anyone's recommended are from Pearl Garden in San Ramon -

        1. Well this takes me back to the late 80's when a coworker who just arrived from Taiwan told me about this place. I lived pretty close and used to go in there and pick up their boxed meal. Everything was in Chinese and no one spoke English, but no mind, I just asked for what looked interesting or something I had never had, it was always an adventure when I got home to eat it. The last time I was there was a few years ago, it's about the same, the prices are very reasonable, and it's still an adventure. A very interesting place.

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            That Taiwanese place a few doors down smelled really good when I poked my head in. Everything's still in Chinese. This strip mall has a Chinese-owned gelato scoop shop too that sells Gelato Classico and another brand.

          2. Here's another menu for you, the yellow one posted on the wall in Chinese only.


            Shanghai Flavor Shop has been open for a year. The place filled up fast on Friday night. All Chinese-speaking customers, every table had at least one order of the sheng jian bao.

            1. Maybe that's the elusive shengjianbao mecca of the Bay Area. That would be almost enough to get me to Sunnyvale.

              Shengjian bao how I love thee!



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                Now that you're a man of leisure, maybe you could lend a hand to translate the yellow menu?

                And, I'll show you the sheng jian bao from that January night,
                They were very tasty, but I was a bit disappointed that they weren't juicier. To share a funny story, my brother got some to go some time later after this first outing, bit into one in the car and squirted all over his clothes and dashboard. So, I think the first batch we tried might have been an aberration.

                We started with an order of green onion pork chop over rice, $5.50,
                Nicely seasoned with a delicious sauce, but the meat was dried out and tough. Loved the juices on the rice though and so cheap.

                And we had the sliced fish in wine sauce, $7.50, huge amount of food.
                William had never tasted anything like this before and really enjoyed it. I liked it too, but it can't compare to the finesse of the version at Shanghai East in San Mateo. This felt more homestyle and a bit rougher around the edges, maybe more alcoholic too!

                The real draw here is the bao. And, for anyone planning a chowdown, there's an alcove that can seat about 10 people pushing together a couple tables.