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Quick! Need 1st Date Rest. Rec at 3rd St. Promenade

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Going on a first date in a matter of hours, my first date in almost a year. We were going to Monsoon but they're closed tonight for a private party. I need a replacement that is not too expensive (the Lobster, Ocean Avenue and Sushi Roku are out), has good ambience, food is good (not as important since it's a first date), not too crowded or noisy on this Saturday night, and it must be at least in walking distance to the 3rd St. Promenade. Is there a sushi place close enough that fits the bill? If not, any cuisine would work. THANKS!

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  1. I'd rec Musha, on Wilshire between 4th and 5th. It's definitely a fun date place and the creative (and sometimes interactive) serving methods of some of the dishes is great conversation fodder.

    Earlier today I noticed a sushi place called Mon on Wilshire in that general vicinity but I haven't eaten there so I can't vouch for it's quality.

    1. Try

      Sushi Mon
      401 Santa Monica Blvd

      Akwa (more fusion, chic)
      1413 Fifth St

      1. Thanks!!! Anyone ever been to all three of these places and can recommend the "winner"?

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          I've been to both Akwa and Musha. Akwa is about as pricey as Sushi Roku so if that's out of your price range then Akwa will be too. I didn't really enjoy my meal there (the fish had an oddly mushy consistency).

        2. I noticed that Akwa looked kinda pricey. I read up on Musha and it looks perfect, so we're trying that. I have a feeling I'll like it more than Monsoon too so this will be a blessing.

          Thanks Chowhounds for coming through!!!!!

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            Great choice! Musha is really one of my favorite date places ever.

            1. I went to Musha on a first date on the last-minute recommendation of a few Chowhounds. We both enjoyed it very much. Musha serves "izakaya", which is Japanese pub food. It's best described as Japanese tapas -- inexpensive small portions that can and should be shared by the whole table. All the dishes we had were very interesting and delicious. They all had a "home-cooked" quality. It is not a sushi bar, no nigiri or sushi rice, although they have very good, very fresh sashimi and also serve interesting rolls (without the rice.)

              It was really hard to decide what to get because the menu has so many interesting choices, but we finally settled on the octapus omlette house special, the fried chicken, the garlic noodles, the yellowtail sashimi, the tofu-wrapped shrimp dumplings and edamame. All were very good, the fried chicken was probably my favorite overall. The udon noodles that came with the octapus omlette were very tasty. The shrimp dumplings were good but not quite as good as they looked or sounded, maybe because the wrap was tofu instead of noodle won ton skin. My date, however, thought the dumplngs were the best dish we ordered so we swapped his chicekn for my dumplings. The yellowtail sashimi was very fresh, and the sashimi sampler (your choice of three for $20) would be a good bet for next time. The bill for all of the above plus a large hot sake came to about $63 with tax and tip, so it was very reasonable.

              Although it was a little loud because it's small and we were seated right in the middle, it was still a great place for a first date. Thanks again for the recommendation! I'm glad that my standard first date restaurant (Monsoon) was closed for a pricate party.

              424 Wilshire Blvd (between 4th and 5th on the south side of Wilshire, next to Wahoo's)
              Santa Monica
              Tel:(310) 576-6330
              6pm to 11:30pm