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Dec 16, 2006 09:44 PM

Bake Sale - Bloor West

Props to deelicious, and our thanks! What an amazing bakery. I never would have found it.

We had a dinner party last night and wanted to put a dessert table together. So along with the SOMA chocolates and Dufflet Toffee Apple Cheesecake, we served from Bake Sale - a lemon cake, chocolate cake, pecan bars, buter tarts and cupcakes and cookies. The lemon cake was amazing - tart just as we like. The chocolate was super dense! The pecans have the perfect mix of salt and sugar and butter.

It is located between royal york and islington - not sure how long its been there, but it is my new regular stop.

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  1. How was the pricing of desserts from Bake Sale? We've passed by it several times and haven't had a chance to stop in yet.

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      The pricing is quite steep, especially on the smaller items. For example: thimble-shaped peanut butter cookies the size of a large thumb were selling for over $1.00 each. That said, the chocolate-chip and banana muffin that I had (around $1.75) really was excellent.

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