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Dec 16, 2006 09:32 PM

Is there a decent chinese place to eat in Indianapolis?

Please don't say PF Changs, I need some real flavor.

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  1. Yummy, in the Lafayette Square area is quite good, especially for dim sum. There is a take out place at 96th and Michigan (the name escapes me) that is excellent.

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        Yummy changed over to Shen Yang

        a couple of years ago. Many of the kitchen and front of the house staff are the same as when it was Yummy. The dim sum with the carts (on weekends) is still great. It's been a while since I was there for dinner. At that time the menu was full of very authentic dishes.

        Another place the OP might want to try is Great Garden in the shopping center between Lafayette Rd and 38th Street. The one time I was there for dim sum (ordered off of a menu instead of the carts) I thought that the food was good but the service was pretty bad.

        Right next door to Great Garden is Saraga the international grocery store (definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there yet!). At the front of the store is a great ethnic food court (a Oaxacan taqueria, el salvadorian papusaria, and more) amongst which is a place that serves Chinese bbq duck and pork. Great for carry out, too.

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          There is a little hole in the wall on Emerson south of 465 called Egg Roll #1 that has recently become my favorite for tasty Chinese takeout. As an added bonus, they also serve a great Vietnamese Pho. It is in a little stripmall on the right as you head south.

          If you are looking for sit-down, Yen Ching on east Washington has been very good in the past.

      2. Having been underwhelmed by all of the above, except for Saraga, I will post about a place that I have not personally visited - please forgive me.

        I recently learned (from multiple trusted foodies)of a Chinese place called Sichuan. By report, they have great flavors and is always packed with Asian customers. It's located up around 106th and Westfield.

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          1. don't laugh, but I love the old 50s style Cantonese restaurants - Lotus Garden in Greenwood is good as is Hong Kong at 38th and Franklin - egg rolls as big as your head and they put a tempura batter on them before they deep fry them!

            China House in Greenwood is excellent - Sunday buffet has some very exotic and different selections - excellent sesame beef. If you go there once - the waitress will remember your order then next time you go in - guaranteed!

            1. How about on the Northwest side? I'm getting pretty disappointed.